International Film Festival Cinematik Piešťany (MFF Piešťany)

Medzinárodný filmový festival Cinematik Piešťany (MFF Piešťany)
Contact: Tomáš Klenovský Executive Director
MFF Piešťany, o. z., Bitúnková 23, 900 31 Stupava, Slovakia
421 (0) 914 266911
Annual, September, 1 week

Launched in 2006, the International Film Festival Cinematik Piešťany (MFF Piešťany) is the second youngest international film festival in Slovakia. The festival’s long-range strategy has a primary orientation on the young spectator, with the emphasis on developing his or her 'film literacy'. Cinematik attracts broad audiences primarily with its atmosphere. The main organiser is MFF Piešťany o z, and the co-organisers are Piešťany Municipal Government,, Trnava Self-governing Region, Slovenské Liečebné Kúpele Piešťany a s, (the Slovak Health Spa), Piešťany Municipal Cultural Centre and the House of Art Piešťany. The Honorary President of the festival is Božidara Turzonovová.

The Festival programme is structured in competitive and non-competitive sections. The main competitive section of the festival titled Meeting Point Europe has an original concept. It presents best films made in Europe during the preceding year, selected and evaluated in the festival by 12 young reputable film critics from particular countries of Europe. Inherent to the festival are the accompanying events: young artist exhibitions, music groups concerts, DJ shows, lectures under a 'film education' scheme designed for secondary school students, etc.