Upper Zemplin Library, Vranov nad Topľou

Hornozemplínska knižnica, Vranov nad Topľou
Contact: Emília Antolíková (f) Director
Telephone: 421 (0) 57 446 4494
M. R .Štefánika 875/200, 093 01 Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia
421 (0) 57 446 4468
421 (0) 57 446 4494

The Upper Zemplin Library, Vranov nad Toplou is the regional library for the district of Vranov nad Topľou, functioning as a co-ordination and inter-library loans centre for municipal libraries within its catchment area, as well as being the principal public library in Vranov nad Topľou. It offers a wide range of services to the public including lending and reference books, magazines and local newspapers, CDs, DVDs and videos and CD-ROMs. Other services include study space, public-access PCs with Internet access, fax machine, microfiche reader, community Information, European information and careers information.