Ján Kollár Library, Kremnica

Knižnica Jána Kollára v Kremnici
Contact: Dr Veronika Balážová (f) Director
Contact: Ľudmila Janečková (f) Deputy
Telephone: 421 (0) 904 371 794
Štefánikovo námestie 33/40, 967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia
421 (0) 45 674 2063
421 (0) 45 674 3776
9am-6pm Mon-Wed and Fri, closed Thu and Sat-Sun

About the Librarylife. A lot of associations with the the cultural, social, philanthropic and sports activities flourished here in recent centuries. In 1925 the muncipal public library of Jan Kollar started KREMNICA – a free royal mining town experienced a very rich and colorful community its activities – the library transformed into a present Ján Kollár Library Kremnica.

Ján Kollár (1793-1852) poet, philologist, archaeologist, ideologist of Slavic solidarity. 1806-1809 studied at the lower secondary school in Kremnica.

Ján Kollár Library is a universal public, cultural, information and educational institution, which provides library and information services, acts as bibliographical, methodological and educational center for local public libraries in the range of its territorial operation. It performs the function of a municipal library for Kremnica and of a regional library for the districts of Banská Štiavnica, Žarnovica and Žiar nad Hronom.