Novohrad Library in Lučenec

Novohradská knižnica v Lučenci
Contact: Dr Daša Filčíková (f) Director
J Kármána 2, 984 01 Lučenec, Slovakia
421 (0) 47 451 3238
8am-5pm Mon-Thu, 1pm-6pm Fri

Novohrad Library in Lučenec originated as the Town Library, the first public library in Lučenec which was damaged by fire in 1849; it was re-established in 1851 with a gift of 5,000 publications from Augustin Kubinyi of Vidina. By 1900 the library had about 20,500 publications. In July 1951 the library became the Regional People’s Library.

Today Novohrad Library in Lučenec is the regional library for districts of Lučenec and Poltar, functioning as a co-ordination and inter-library loans centre for municipal libraries within its catchment area, as well as being the principal public library in Lučenec. It offers a wide range of services to the public including lending and reference books, magazines and local newspapers, CDs, DVDs and videos and CD-ROMs. Other services include study space, public-access PCs with Internet access, fax machine, microfiche reader, community Information, European information and careers information.

In 2009 the Novohrad Library recorded 118,965 books, 188,325 book loans, 3,044 registered users and 56,825 visitors of library and realised 208 cultural and educational events.