Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica - Library

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Knižnica Akadémie umení v Banskej Bystrici
Contact: Ivana Badinská (f) Director
Mária Hrúzová (f) Librarian
Horná 95, 974 01 Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
421 (0) 48 472 8536
421 (0) 48 414 5109
10am-12am; 1pm-5pm Mon-Fri, closed Sat-Sun

Akademia umeni - logo The main mission of the Academy of Arts, Banská Bystrica Library is to provide library-information service to serve and facilitate the educational process and artistic and scientific activity of the university staff, university students but also users from other sites.

Through its information resources and library, bibliographical, documenting and search service the library is involved in the enhancement of computer literacy of all study program university students. The academic library specialises in building a library collection focused on literature from the field of music and visual and performing arts (books, monographs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, textbooks, sheet music, scores of Czech and world composers).

There are domestic and foreign arts periodicals available in the library, but also social periodicals from the field of literature, culture and related disciplines.

The library is equipped with a high quality audiovisual and multimedia technology, with the possibility of using the audiovisual carriers (CD, MG cassettes, video cassettes, LP, CD-ROM). For composing music a synthesizer is provided (possibility of using a headset) and students can also make use of the free internet connection.

Processing of the library and magazine acquisitions is machine-controlled and the library creates its own on-line catalogs. Creation of a database containing individual faculties’ publications is planned for the future.