Thália Theatre

Divadlo Thália
Contact: Peter Kolár Director
Telephone: 421 (0) 55 622 1281
Fax: 421 (0) 55 622 5867
Timonova 3, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
421 (0) 55 622 4124, 421 (0) 55 623 3643, 421 (0) 55 622 5866
421 (0) 55 623 3643

Thalia Theatre was founded in 1969 as a branch of the Hungarian Regional Theatre in Komárno. It had a separate artistic leadership, however it shared management and administration with Hungarian Regional Theatre. The creation of a separate stage in Košice was motivated by the effort to make available the professional performing arts to the citizens of Hungarian nationality living in eastern and central Slovakia, which required the establishment of a nationwide touring theatre.

In November 1969 Thalia Theatre performed the premiere Servant of two Masters by Carlo Goldoni in Gemerská Hôrka. Since 1969 the director and artistic leader of the theatre has been Sándor Beke.

Thalia Theatre in Košice became a separate institution in 1990, and during the years 1990-1995 the theatre functioned under the administration of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. Since 1996 it has been affiliated with Košice Regional Cultural Centre.

In April 1999 the theatre regained its autonomy, functioning until April 2002 under the administration of Košice Regional Office. Since that time it has been operating within Košice Self-governing Region.