Pôtoň Theatre

Divadlo Pôtoň
Contact: Michal Somoš Director
Telephone: 421 (0) 903 903174
Bátovce 358, Bátovce 935 03, Slovakia
421 (0) 36 630 8300, 421 (0) 36 630 8302

Pôtoň Theatre is an independent professional association which, apart from its main programme of theatre productions and happenings, also produces educational projects for different target groups in the artistic scene. The theatre co-operates with numerous cultural organisations, both in Slovakia and abroad.

Pôtoň Theatre was active for many years in Levice, where it produced shows, ran a theatre pub and organised varied educational activities important for the given region. In the 2008-9 season it moved to Bátovce where it rented the former cultural centre on a long term basis. The theatre consists of its founder and colleagues, director Iva Jurčová and playwright Michal Ditte, who focus on the presentation of author projects and modern Slovak drama, often written by Ditte. The theatre has received several awards in connection with its work with teenagers.