Žilina Puppet Theatre

Bábkové divadlo Žilina
Contact: Peter Tabaček General Manager
Jana Eliášová (f) Artistic Director
Kuzmányho 6, 011 37 Žilina, Slovakia
421 (0) 41 562 3995
421 (0) 41 562 3995

Founded in 1950, Puppet Theatre Žilina is the oldest professional puppet theatre in Slovakia. It is a repertoire theatre with a permanent ensemble. During its existence it has premiered more than 200 productions on its stage, has given performances in four continents of the world (America, Asia, Africa, Europe) in more than 30 countries, and, on domestic and foreign stages, has given in excess of 12,000 performances seen by more than 2,500.000 spectators. Its successful directors have included Ján Hižnay, Vladimír Predmerský, Milan Tomášek, Anton Šulík Jr and Tomáš Hudcovič, and its successful dramatic advisers have included Jozef Mokoš. The theatre's current artistic director is Jana Eliášová and its dramatic adviser is Eduard Kudláč.

Puppet Theatre Žilina stages the annual Žilina Puppet Festival and in co-operation with the Theatre Institute in Bratislava runs the annual Arthur competition in original dramatic text for children and youth: