Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads

Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads (Photo by Marek Harman)
Bábkové divadlo na Rázcestí
Contact: Iveta Škripková (f) Director and Statutory
Contact: Eva Kandráčová (f) Head
Skuteckého 14, 044 71 Banská Bystrica, Slovensko
421 (0) 48 412 5623
421 (0) 48 412 5623

The Puppet theatre at the Crossroads (BDNR) in Banská Bystrica is professional and artistic establishment. The Theatre creates and in publicly performs theatre's creations. The settler of the theatre is Majors Regional Unit – Banskobystrický municipality. The Theatre has risen in Banská Bystrica in the year 1960 and more than 40 years successfully performs in the field of theatre creation for children and young people and adults in Slovakia.

The theatre concentrates on following program spheres:

The creating for smallest children, for children from basic schools and parents, the creating for young people and adults. Our intention is to go along with theatre-goers all categories to back grown and adult people with their children to the theatre. That's why we act repertoire for children and for adults.

The activities of the Theatre focus in: creation of inscenation and projects, public production of domestic and guest theatrical performances, representation at home and in abroad, as well. In creation of inscenations we prefer author theatre and theatre follow up to worth’s European dramatist.

In the theatrical creation we are based on utilization of all expressional and expressage’s resources of the theatre, crossing and permeation of theatrical's genres, the methods and techniques which develop the theatre language. In the theatrical creation for children we prefer the work with puppet, various animation techniques and know-how from classic puppet theatre. Out theatre is first professional theatre at the Slovakia which brings gender topics, forms gender view on life and presents image of women and girls in our society(based on co-operation with public association Aspekt and project .

Our work BDNR is after this intentions:

- Vindicate the sense of state funding and financing of culture in creation field for children and young people

- Vindicate the sense of public communication by the theatre

- Co-operate with pedagogues of all grades schools and institutions which address oneself to development of kid's personality.

- Create multi-genres projects for children of the all age groups.

- Give a change to young people and to children know the theatre and others forms of culture.

- Occupy oneself by problems of the present child, young human.

- Occupy oneself by attitude and the life of the present women and the mothers from generic aspect

- Defend the base charter of human and children's rights.

The all activities of the Theatre abide by following principles:

Straightforward communicate, respected tolerate differences, bring the positive calibres and emotions, accept and indulge impulses, inspire, pass barriers, do not bore.

Vindicate the sense of state grants and financing of culture in creation field for children and young people.