Dosky Theatre Awards

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Divadelné ocenenia sezóny Dosky
Contact: Darina Kárová (f) Director
Medzinárodný divadelný festival Divadelná Nitra, Svätoplukovo námestie 4, 950 53 Nitra, Slovakia
421 (0) 37 652 4870, 421 (0) 903 554475

ASD - logoLaunched in 1996, the Dosky Theatre Awards are presented annually at the International theatre festival Divadelná Nitra and represent a vote on the best creative acts of the past season in the area of professional theatre in Slovakia – drama, opera, musical, puppet theatre, ballet and contemporary dance.

The Awards are announced by the Contemporary Theatre Association and the Divadelná Nitra Association and involve theatre critics, theoreticians, publicists, pedagogues and theatre arts students. The prestigious Dosky Awards are bestowed on creators in eight categories, without regard to nationality, for artistic performances premiered in Slovakia's theatres during the preceding season. Recipients of the award are decided on the basis of assessment scores given by survey participants. The organisers of the Dosky Awards are theatre scholar Silvia Hroncová, theatre critic Zuzana Uličianska, and René Parák. The trophy - a silver-plated wooden board - was designed by stage designer Aleš Votava and created by architect Tomáš Lupták. The awards ceremony is hosted by the Andrej Bagar Theatre, Nitra, at the beginning of the Nitra International Theatre Festival.