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Slovenské komorné divadlo
Contact: František Výrostko Director
Divadelná 1, 036 80 Martin, Slovakia
421 (0) 43 422 2234, 421 (0) 43 422 4098
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Slovak Chamber Theatre,, Martin - logoThe Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin was established in 1944 as the second professional theatre company in Slovakia. The theatre opened thanks to the initiative of people like Ján Marták, magazine editor Ivan Turzo, Jozef Cíger-Hronský, Rapoš Gabriel and actor and director Andrei Bagar. In contrast to the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, the Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin arose naturally from inner city needs. Its first premiere - of Verhaeren's anti-totalitarian play Philip II, directed by Andrej Bagar - took place under dramatic circumstances on 22 January 1944. The play was banned, seriously threatening the existence of the theatre which ceased to get financial support from the state and survived only thanks to the support from Matica Slovenska, Neografia printers and other businesses. In the 65+ years of its existence the Slovak Chamber Theatre has undergone many changes. On 1 January 1951 it changed its name from Slovak Chamber Theatre to the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) Theatre. This name lasted just for only a few months, and on 6 October 1951 the name was changed again to Military Theatre. From 1 August 1960 the theatre was once more placed under civilian administration and given the title SNP Theatre, a name which was to last for 43 years. On 1 September 2003 the theatre returned to its original name of the Slovak Chamber Theatre. The Slovak Chamber Theatre has had a significant impact on shaping Slovakia´s theatre scene.

This company is based at SNP Theatre in Martin.