Faculty of Science, University of Žilina

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Fakulta prírodných vied Žilinskej univerzity v Žiline
Contact: Dr Tomáš Lengyelfalusy Dean
Contact: Zuzana Muráriková (f) Dean's Secretariat
Univerzitná 8215/1, 010 26 Žilina, Slovakia
421 (0) 41 513 6101

Faculty of Science - logoThe Faculty of Science, University of Žilina was established in 1998 as a workplace integrating research and teaching staff with scientific specialisation. Since 2000, the Faculty has intensively developed courses in humanities and the development trend of Faculty is based on the needs of social practice. The teaching activities the Faculty focus on raising their own students and providing the education of selected subjects for other faculties of the University of Žilina. The scientific-research activities of Faculty staff are closely related to their pedagogical activities. Since the establishment of the Faculty its orientation has significantly been changed and the original name is not consistent with its current orientation, therefore the Faculty of Science seeks to change this name. Recently, there are three scientific and educational departments established at the Faculty: