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Pedagogická fakulta Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku
Contact: Professor Dr Amantius Akimjak Dean
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Katolícka univerzita v Ružomberku, Námestie Andreja Hlinku 56/1, 034 01 Ružomberok, Slovakia
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KUR - logoThe Faculty of Education was established on 1 July 2000 as a part of the Catholic University in Ružomberok on the basis of the former St Andrew`s Catechetical and Pedagogical Faculty. The mission of the Faculty, according to the traditions of Catholic universities, is: (i) to prepare young people to be able to work consciously, especially within school services, implementing not only their theoretical preparation but also proportional practical habits; (ii) to realise qualified cultural, scientific and pedagogical formation of students based on humanist principles; (iii) to realise the integral education of students in accordance with Christian principles of Catholic tradition; and (iv) to contribute the spread of human knowledge through development of the scientific and artistic activities of teachers and students.

The programme of the Faculty is at present implemented by six departments - Mathematics and Physics, Informatics and Management, Biology and Geography, Music, Catechesis and Practical Theology, and Pedagogy and Psychology; three cabinets - General Base and Pedagogical Practise; Elementary Pedagogy; and Special Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy and Education; and three institutes - the Institute of Music Arts, Science and Sacred Music; the Institute of Mathematics, Informatics and Management; and the Institute of Health and Social Work.

The Faculty offers a range of full-time and part-time study programmes including five-year BEd programmes specialising in Mathematics, Information Technologies, Biology, Music, Religion and English Language, and guided PhD programmes including the Theory of Teaching Music (three years of full-time and five years of part-time studies). In addition the Faculty provides lifelong education and subsidiary education courses in all the branches of Bachelor and Masters study and offers the possibility to gain the pedagogical practise.

The research aims of the Faculty are oriented mainly towards the field of the basic research in the teaching of Mathematics, Information Technologies and Biology, History of Music and Church Music. Members of the Faculty are the authors of the projects in the TEMPUS programme.