Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic - Directorate General of Media, Audiovision and Copyright

Minstry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Ministerstvo kultúry SR - Sekcia médií, audiovízie a autorského práva
Contact: Dr Nataša Slavíková (f) Director General
Ministerstvo kultúry SR, Námestie SNP 33, 813 31 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 2048 2121
421 (0) 2 2048 2174

Minstry of Culture of the Slovak RepublicActivities of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic in the field of media, audiovision and copyright are provided by the Directorate General of Media, Audiovision and Copyright in accordance with the fields of interest of the Ministry, generally binding legal regulations and international agreements. The Directorate General is divided according to its activities into:

- the Directorate of Media Rights and Audiovision

- the Directorate of Copyright and Cinematography.

Responsibilities and authorisations of the Directorate General of Media, Audiovision and Copyright include:

- drawing up drafts of generally binding legal regulations in the field of media, audiovision and copyright, preparing opinions for governmental negotiations in connection with political proposals,

- preparation of reference materials for performing the tasks arising for the cultural section from government and international documents in the field of media, audiovision and copyright

- in cooperation with the departments of international co-operation the Directorate participates in preparation of the conceptual proposals and reference materials to international bilateral and multilateral cultural agreements and implementation plans for the field of media, audiovision and copyright and within the European context it co-ordinates international contacts and direct co-operation of relevant institutions and prepares reference materials for the presentation of Slovak audiovisual creation abroad,

- within the conceptual work the Directorate General cooperates with central authorities of state administration, with professional associations, non-governmental institutions and municipalities of towns and villages,

- Further activities include preparation of analytical and expert opinions on the subject field, as well as the opinions to the suggestions of authorities of the state administration and courts, professional organisations and to the demands of citizens and the public,

- participation in the preparation of the concept of state policy for the field of media and audiovision, then in the preparation of strategic government documents aimed in the support of the original audiovisual creation, activities and status of public service media and the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting,

- performing co-ordination and control activities to the efficient implementation of collective administration, as well as co-ordination activities for the support programmes of the European Union in relation to intellectual property on behalf of the cultural section,

- representation of the Slovak Republic in contact and management committees of the European Commission,

- representation of the Slovak Republic in the working groups of the Council of Europe and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in the field of copyright

- providing the administration of the content for the web portal ,

- carrying out the state supervision, including the first-degree decisions in the administrative proceedings in the field of audiovision, press, mandatory periodic print copies and copies of audiovisual works and collective administration of rights,

- the Directorate General ensures the organisational and administrative functionality of the Minister’s Council on mass-media,

- it also represents the Ministry and participates in the activities of the interdepartmental group for digital broadcasting in the Slovak Republic,

- it conceptually and organisationally co-operates by the preparation of grant programmes of the state support for the audiovisual sector, then within the scope of its activities it ensures the running of the professional committee for the 'Audiovision' programme and it also creates and maintains administrative and technical aspects as well as personnel aspect of the grant agenda,

- and the Directorate General keeps records of Slovak audiovisual works, sound recordings, artistic performance and multimedia works, people working in the field of audiovision and it also records press – it provides a statistical survey for the field of radio and television broadcasting, press and audiovision.