Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic - Directorate of Bilateral Co-operation

Minstry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Ministerstvo kultúry SR - Odbor bilaterálnej spolupráce
Contact: Klaudia Volnerová (f) Director
Sekcia medzinárodnej spolupráce, Ministerstvo kultúry SR, Námestie SNP 33, 813 31 Bratislava, Slovensko
421 (0) 2 2048 2305
421 (0) 2 5441 5534

Minstry of Culture of the Slovak RepublicThe Directorate of Bilateral Co-operation is responsible for performing state policies in the field of cultural relations and presentation of Slovak culture abroad, in accordance with foreign political priorities of the Slovak Republic. It drafts prospective conceptions, medium-term plans and priorities of the Ministry in the field of bilateral relations as well as annual plans of cultural contacts. It oversees their fulfilment in co-operation with administrative units of the Ministry.

This Directorate co-ordinates preparation and creation of content filling of bilateral international contractual documents in the field of culture and the co-operation in socio-diplomatic field with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic. It submits proposals and suggestions to intergovernmental agreements and implementation plans and it helps by preparation of international events which are of national importance. The representatives of this section are often members of intergovernmental and sectional bilateral committees and working groups.

In co-operation with administrative units of the Ministry it is responsible for performing tasks which arise for the cultural resort from bilateral international and sectional agreements, it co-ordinates co-operation with partner institutions, including co-operation with cultural institutes.

This Directorate prepares analytical, conceptual and information materials from the field of bilateral co-operation and cultural presentation.