Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic - Directorate of Arts

Minstry of Culture of the Slovak Republic
Ministerstvo kultúry SR - Odbor umenia
Contact: Janka Motyčková (f) Director
Sekcia umenia, Ministerstvo kultúry SR, Námestie SNP 33, 813 31 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 2048 2301
421 (0) 2 2048 2375

Minstry of Culture of the Slovak RepublicThe Directorate of Arts is responsible for performing and fine arts development.

Its responsibilities include:

- performing design activities in the cultural sector in the field of theatre, music, dance and visual arts, architecture and design;

- preparing analytical and information materials in various areas of art;

- monitoring the artistic creations of specific artistic institutions;

- paying attention to developmental trends in performing and fine arts in other countries; and

- working on background materials, processing views and analysis to encourage suggestions and proposals by individual organisations and professional and artistic associations as well as other entities.