Záhorie Cultural Centre, Senica

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Záhorské osvetové stredisko v Senici
Contact: Dr Ľubica Krištofová (f) Director
Vajanského 19/5, 905 01 Senica, Slovakia
421 (0) 34 651 3740

ZOS - logo (1)Záhorie Cultural Centre organises creative cultural-educational activities, provides advisory services to people responsible for educational activities, offers information and knowledge on culture, science and technology, deepens the relationship to the own state, the cultural identity of the nation, national minorities and ethnic groups and care for the environment, and sees to raise people through the arts and to the arts, particularly by developing interest artistic activities. It organises art exhibitions, and searches for, protects, preserves and makes folk traditions accessible with the emphasis being laid on traditional and folk culture, developing and using them creatively. It also helps prevent anti-social phenomena and drug addictions as well as allowing people to fulfil their leisure time with cultural activities. Záhorie Cultural Centre conducts mediatory, publishing and promotional activities; participating in the fulfilment of tasks for the development of the cultural and social life of the region.