Upper Zemplin Cultural Centre, Vranov nad Topľou

Hornozemplínske osvetové stredisko, Vranov nad Topľou
Contact: Anna Gdovinová (f) Director
Sídlisko 1, mája 74, 093 01 Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia
421 (0) 57 442 3838, 421 (0) 57 442 2871
421 (0) 57 442 3838

The Upper Zemplin Cultural Centre in Vranov nad Topľou is a district institution which supervises amateur cultural and public education with the aim of creating the conditions for the development of local and regional cultures, evoking interest in artistic and cultural activities among the public, preserving the cultural symbols of the region and providing cultural and educational activities for inhabitants of all nationalities and age groups. It offers professional advice and a methodological approach on culture and education, prepares and implements cultural and educational programmes, and organises projects and programmes in co-operation with the towns and municipalities in the district. Other activities held in the cultural centre include music and dancing performances, art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, educational activities, folk culture and art. One part of the centre is an exhibition hall which, apart from its main task - hosting exhibitions - can be used as a multi-purpose hall for art courses, classes and workshops. Local art organisations can also rent the hall.