Prievidza Regional Cultural Centre

RKC Prievidza - logo
Regionálne kultúrne centrum v Prievidzi
Contact: Ľudmila Húsková (f) Director
Záhradnícka 19, 971 01 Prievidza, Slovensko
421 (0) 46 512 1810
421 (0) 46 512 1837
7am-3pm Mon-Fri

RKC Prievidza - logoPrievidza Regional Cultural Centre is a regional cultural institution operating in the Upper Nitra region, which comprises Prievidza and Partizánske districts. The content of its activities primarily includes:

- professional and advisory assistance to people responsible for cultural activities, municipal governments and cultural facilities of the municipalities in the area;

- community artistic activities (amateur music, singing, folklore, dance, visual arts, traditional crafts, recitation, theatre and literary composition);

- spare-time education, environmental education, drug and crime prevention and work with senior citizens;

- civic ceremonies;

- regional education;

- organisation of anniversary activities;

- education in the spirit of regional traditions and ethnology.

The Regional Cultural Centre is the organiser of various national, district and regional exhibitions, contests, festivals and celebrations.