Orava Cultural Centre, Dolný Kubín

Oravské kultúrne stredisko, Dolný Kubín
Contact: Dr Miroslav Žabenský Director
Besterecká 1263/55, 026 01 Dolný Kubín, Slovakia
421 (0) 43 586 4978, 421 (0) 43 586 4928
421 (0) 43 586 4928

Orava Cultural Centre, Dolný Kubín is a regional arts facility managed by Žilina Regional Government and serving the Orava region. Its aim is to create the conditions for the development of local culture, interests and artistic activities, to preserve the cultural symbols of the region and to provide cultural and educational activities for a wide range of citizens.

The Centre's activities include (i) organising various types of cultural events; (ii) supporting, preserving, protecting and developing the values of traditional and folk culture; (iii) supporting and developing folkloric arts and craft activities and their application in the labour market; (iv) creating the conditions for the presentation of culture abroad and the preparation and implementation of foreign activities in all areas of cultural and educational activities; (vi) preparing, implementing, supporting and co-ordinating educational and leisure activities for all ages and educational and social groups; (vii) encouraging and creating the conditions for the emergence and development of activities linked to cultural expressions of regional tourism and agrotourism; (viii) offering professional advice and consultancy services in the cultural field; (ix) documenting all forms of cultural expression and collecting and processing information with a view to preparing a database on the cultural background of its territorial jurisdiction; (x) undertaking editing and publishing activities and printing services, and (xi)· providing advertising and promotional services for other entities

The Centre hosts a range of performances, film screenings, exhibitions, festivals, competitions and seasonal activities throughout the year. Its multipurpose auditorium hosts performances by touring professional theatre, music and dance groups and film screenings and is available for hire by local arts organisations. Its exhibition facilities showcase works by local painters and photographers. The centre is home to numerous folkloric dance groups also incorporates facilities for arts courses, classes and workshops.