Stanica - Open Cultural Space in Žilina

Stanica - otvorený kultúrny priestor Žilina
Contact: Marek Adamov Director
Telephone: 421 (0) 907 137145
Stanica Žilina-Zárečie, Závodská cesta 3, 010 01 Žilina, Slovakia
421 (0) 41 562 3564, 421 (0) 907 425221
421 (0) 41 562 3564

The main project of the NGO Truc sphérique, Stanica (Railway Station) project was established in 2003 when space was provided within the reconstructed Žilina-Zariecie Railway Station (1945) for a 650m² open cultural space comprising an exhibition area, studios and workshops, a café and waiting-room, an info-centre and reading-room, and a multifunctional presentation venue for theatre, dance, concerts, discussions and projections.

The Stanica project is linked to an international network of cultural institutions created upon the platform of civic initiatives by young people and artists that have revitalised vacant factory halls, industrial objects, stations and commercial centres (including the centres associated with Trans Europe Halles, a network that Stanica is also a member of). However, the Stanica project transcends the other art factories in an original way; the station is still in active use as a waiting room and ticket sales venue for the local railway line from Žilina to Rajec. The result is a new centre of progressive cultural activities which connects elements of public space – an operating railway station – and elements of a multimedia cultural centre with creative, educational, social and presentation activities based on the notion of ‘art for social change’.

Stanica is a member of Trans Europe Halles.