Žitný Ostrov-Csallóköz Cultural Centre, Dunajská Streda

Žitnoostrovské osvetové stredisko v Dunajskej Strede
Contact: Jana Svetlovská (f) Director
Biskupa Kondého 10, 929 01 Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
421 (0) 31 552 2762
421 (0) 31 552 4792

The Žitny Ostrov-Csallóköz Cultural Centre is the district cultural and educational institution (linked to the budget of the Trnava Self-Government Region), which was established in 1960. Its activities (bilingual) are aimed at the development of leisure cultural activities and the education of citizens of all age groups living in the cross-border ethnically-mixed region of Žitny Ostrov for all age groups on the basis of the civic principle. The mission of the organisation is to arouse interest in traditional regional culture in the Slovak, Hungarian and Romany spirit, to create conditions for preservation of cultural traditions, presentation and mutual confrontation of non-professional ensembles and individuals in artistic activity, to offer multiple learning opportunities in the field of arts and culture, to prevent social pathological phenomena and to promote a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Its most impressive event is the international preschool children's competition Žitny Ostrov Crayons (Žitnoostrovské pastelky), which already involves six countries of the EU. The most popular events with the longest tradition include the district and regional competitions Art Spectrum, AMFO, Žitny Ostrov Dances, Youth Sings, Žitny Ostrov Key, Dunajská Streda Summer Theatre, Joy from Bethlehem, folklore competitions in dance and singing and a range of other activities for both disabled and mentally handicapped people as well as thematic conferences, festive academies, concerts and workshops. In the field of education, the organisation is at the forefront in drug and crime prevention activities - the unique DO NOT talk about drugs programme accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and aimed at the youngest age groups from kindergartens and primary schools, the Free NO conference on issues of drug prevention, Live well, Decide yourself, My Boundaries and others. The Well of Europe-Save Living Water, a cyclic environmental project aimed at saving drinking water in the protected natural area of Žitny Ostrov, has already had more than 5,000 participants. Part of the Cultural Centre is also the newly-opened exhibition gallery GALLERY NOVA, which was established for the needs of non-professional artists, including painters and folk art creators.