Podpolianske Cultural Centre in Zvolen

Podpolianske osvetové stredisko vo Zvolene
Contact: Dr Igor Danihel Director
Contact: Alexandra Kossárová (f) Deputy
Telephone: 421 (0) 45 533 5093
Bystrický rad 1, 960 26 Zvolen, Slovakia
421 (0) 45 533 1659
421 (0) 45 532 4943
7.30am-3.30pm Mon-Fri

Podpoľanie Cultural Centre is a cultural, subsidised organisation with legal personality, which was founded by Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region.

Its mission is, on the basis of creative interests and abilities of interested persons, to contribute to development of people and general cultural and educational level in the region of Detva, Krupina and Zvolen districts in co-operation with local self-government and its cultural-educational establishments, as well as other institutions, associations, clubs and individuals active in the given sphere.

It implements its activities through:

- provision of information and knowledge;

- professional, methodical and counselling activities;

- preparation, implementation and provision of professional guarantees for educational activities focusing on maintenance, promotion and development of individual spare-time artistic and also non-artistic genres;

- seeking and making available to the public folk traditions with an emphasis on traditional and folk culture;

- making available to the public professional information leading to suppression of undesirable social phenomena (primary anti-drug prevention, legal education etc);

- actual preparation and implementation of regional, sub-regional, national and international competitions, shows, festivals, exhibitions of all genres under its scope of activity;

- preparation of cultural events from the field of dance, music, theatre, artistic spoken and written word, visual arts, film and photography, organisation of exhibitions, folk culture and folk crafts.