Small Carpathian Cultural Centre, Modra

Small Carpathian Cultural Centre - logo
Malokarpatské osvetové stredisko, Modra
Contact: Anna Píchová (f) Director
Horná 20, 900 01 Modra, Slovakia
421 (0) 33 643 3489
421 (0) 33 643 3489
7.30am-4pm Mon-Thu, 7.30-13.30 Fri, closed Sat-Sun

Small Carpathian Cultural Centre - logoThe Small Carpathian Cultural Centre in Modra is a national subsidised establishment with legal personality, founded on 1 April 2002 by Bratislava Self-Governing Region. With its mission, which aims to develop local and regional culture, it is the only establishment in the Bratislava region:

Operating under the Cultural Activities Act, the Centre:

- offers counselling service for organisers of cultural activities (local and municipal cultural establishments, associations, clubs, leisure-time organisations, ensembles and individuals);

- organises and implements competitions, festivals, shows, exhibitions and other activities in the leisure-time, artistic and training-educational field;

- organises courses;

- offers information processing and serves as an information centre for the Small Carpathian Region, processing statistical data about the state of cultural activities, and running a database of cultural activities;

- participates in maintenance, protection and making available the values of folk culture;

- carries out intermediating activity, publishing, promotional and advertising activities to the extent and in compliance with its mission as a cultural establishment;

- co-operates closely with the Association of Municipalities and Communities of Small Carpathian Region;

- functions as umbrella organisation for the activities of the Small Carpathian Wine Route Association;

- participates in preparing and implementing cultural programmes for the Small Carpathian Grape Harvest in Pezinok and St George Feast;

- publishes a journal called Vidiečan (Counryman) which is issued bi-monthly and regularly brings curiosities about cultural and social happenings in the region;

- participates in developing tourist activities and tourism.