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Ústav romologických štúdií
Contact: Dr Rastislav Rosinský Director
Contact: Dr Michal Kozubík Head
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Fakulta sociálnych vied a zdravotníctva, Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Kraskova 1, 947 74 Nitra, Slovensko
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Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care - logoThe Institute of Romani Studies (former the Department of Romani Culture) was established in April 1990 and as a unique educational and edifying institution of European and probably a world-wide character creates opportunities to prepare qualified Romani intelligence, as well as people with interests in the studies from the majority social group with the aim to optimise sociocultural conditions of Roma people in the Slovak Republic. The main goal of the institute is the education of new Roma intelligence as well as that part of non-Roma intelligence which wants to further develop socialization tendencies and cultivate the Roma community. Significant is particularly its influence in the area of scientific research, not only at a national but also at an international level.

The Institute of Romani Studies recently supervises the preparation of university students, future specialists in work with the Roma community in the accredited study programmes Social and missionary service for Romani communities (BC.), Social service and consulting (Mgr.) and Romani language and culture (Bc.).