Modrý Kameň Castle

Hrad Modrý Kameň
Contact: Helena Ferencová (f) Administrator
Zámocká 1, 992 01 Modrý Kameň, Slovakia
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Originally constructed in Gothic style during the period 1272-1277, Modrý Kameň Castle belonged for several centuries to the prominent Old Hungarian family Balass, who adapted the castle several times and established it as part of the anti-Turkish line of defence. The castle was also the birthplace of the famous Old Hungarian Renaissance poet Valentín Balass. Destroyed in 1593 by Turkish forces, it was rebuilt in 1612 with a new bastion, new artillery platforms and deep embankments below the lower castle. However, towards the end of the 17th century the castle was again destroyed by fire.

In 1730 a Baroque mansion was built on the ruins of the lower castle, and this has been maintained more or less in an unchanged form to the present day. The Baroque Chapel of St Anna was added in 1759. During this same period the ruins of the upper castle were converted to an outlook post, connected to the manor house building.

The Baroque mansion at Modrý Kameň Castle houses the Museum of Puppet Cultures and Toys SNM, which also administers the site.