Painting Competition – VÚB Foundation Award

Súťaž Maľba – Cena Nadácie VÚB
Contact: Martina Šlezáková (f) Representative
Nadácia VÚB, Mlynské nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 949 428239

The Painting Competition - VÚB Foundation Award is a long-term project of the VÚB Foundation aimed at supporting the creation of young artists and creating the conditions for their establishment on the professional artistic scene. The mission of the competition is to support and promote contemporary visual arts, to present it to the public and to assist young artists to launch their professional careers.

The Painting Competition - VÚB Foundation Award has been awarded annually since 2006 and is designed for professional visual artists aged 24 to 35 years. Works are entered in the competition by authors' submission. The international expert jury is made up of recognised artists, theoreticians, and curators. The three winners also get a financial prize, the total subsidy is 20,000 EUR. The competition is accompanied by a prestigious exhibition (a salon) showing 20 best works, a catalogue of 20 finalists and a virtual gallery of 20 best works.