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Vysoká škola výtvarných umení (VŠVU) - Katedra vizuálnej komunikácie
Contact: Pavol Choma Head of Department
Contact: Alena Očkaiová (f) Departmental Secretary
Vysoká škola výtvarných umení (VŠVU), Drotárska cesta 44, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
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VSVU - logoDepartment of Visual Communication consists of three studios:

Studio 303 - The principal axis of the bachelor degree program is to acquaint students with forms of graphic design applications on the basic output (symbol, book, newsletter, poster, website, multimedia, animation ...) and the contact with the advertising. Tasks are built to allow to know the commercial graphic space. From time to time the tasks are entered that go beyond the known boundaries of the graphic design of structures, particularly in relation to architecture and urban interior.

Master's degree students are motivated to such action, which will enable them to enhance individual expression. In one to two terms they deal with the application of graphic design in architecture. The student finish his study with graduation theses so that he has proved to be the future specialist, sufficiently self-confident and an expert in the field of graphic design.

Studio 304 - The aim of the bachelor degree study is the understanding and adoption of fundamental principles of visual communication and graphic design roles in the development of visual communication. The tasks of bachelor's degree students of the 3rd – 7nd term are conceived in the form of 2-3 smaller and 1-2 larger study awards per term, which allows to utilize a wider range of work in the field of graphic design in visual communication area. The student in 8th term implements his bachelor's graduation theses in the form of a wider project, which ends with the presentation and advocacy of this work.

Master's degree students receive their study awards in the 9th – 10th term, after consultation with the teachers, in the form of a closed academic research project, which should allow them to focus more on a specific area of graphic design, or more precisely visual communication, with the possibility of application for a specific user interface in practice. In 11th and 12th term student independently, after agreeing by teacher, implements his own project as a master's graduation theses.

Studio 305 - In the bachelor's study the student should acquire knowledge and skills in the field of graphic design and visual communication - from logotype creation through the creation of corporate identity to various applications, such as posters, brochures, product packaging, etc. The students will also receive the experience of specific areas of graphic design: the creation of fonts, book design, web design, advertisings, etc. Teaching runs through the term work and short-term entered themes. The concept of teaching the master's degree aims to cover the implementation of complex projects, requiring acceptance of the real conditions coming out from practice. The master's degree study can also be directed to specialisation in the field of graphic design, where student is expected to cope with chosen specific specialization excellently.