Academia Istropolitana Building, Bratislava

Academia Istropolitana (photo by Tim Doling)
Budova Academie Istropolitana, Bratislava
Contact: Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU) - Faculty of Theatre
Contact: Juraj Letenay Dean
Telephone: 421 (0) 2 5930 1418
Divadelná fakulta, Vysoká škola múzických umení (VŠMU), Ventúrska 3, 813 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 5443 2579
421 (0) 2 5930 1462
Exterior access at all times, interior access by arrangement

Academia Istropolitana (photo by Tim Doling)

Academia Istropolitana (photo by Tim Doling)The set of Late Gothic buildings which once housed Bratislava's first university lies in the western bloc of the city palaces in Ventúrska Street. The brief, less than 50-year history of the Academy is associated with celebrated Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus. He founded the Academy in 1465, with the first lectures commencing in 1467. After his death however the Academy was discontinued. Several existing buildings were used as its location, belonging to the Pressburg (Bratislava) magistrate Gmaitl and the King’s curie. A number of outstanding European scholars taught at the Academy, most reputed being the astronomer Johann Müller, known also under the name Regiomontanus. The former university tradition has been resumed by its present-day function - it now houses the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (VŠMU).