Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, Prievidza Office

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Pamiatkový úrad Slovenskej republiky, pracovisko Prievidza
Contact: Mária Dvončová (f) Chief
Telephone: 421 (0) 46 540 2809
J. Červeňa 34, 971 73 Prievidza, Slovakia
421 (0) 52 2451 111, 421 (0) 52 2451 121
421 (0) 52 2451 855

Monuments Board - logoThe Prievidza branch office of the Trenčín Regional Centre of the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic is a field department which carries out the state supervision of the protection of monuments on the territory of districts of Prievidza, Partizánske and Bánovce nad Bebravou. The town of Prievidza is its seat.

Its main function is to direct the activities of the citizens in saving, renovating, restoring and correctly using 191 immovable and 433 movable cultural monuments and conservation areas in the territory of three districts. It adopts measures to eliminate shortcomings in the protection of monuments and provides professional and methodological assistance to 111 municipalities and six towns in registering their historical monuments. It also elaborates materials for territorial planning documentation of the state administration authorities and if necessary it provides for the temporary storage of movable cultural monuments. It participates in research projects targeted on the cultural heritage of this region of Slovakia. Editorial, promotional and educational activities constitute a significant part of its work.