Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, Levoča Regional Restoration Atelier

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Pamiatkový úrad Slovenskej republiky: oblastné reštaurátorské ateliéry Levoča
Contact: Ivan Tkáč Chief
Nová 55, 054 01 Levoča, Slovakia
421 (0) 53 451 2819, 421 (0) 53 451 2243
421 (0) 53 451 4484

Monuments Board - logoOne of two specialist restoration ateliers managed by the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, the Levoča Restoration Atelier undertakes research and restoration work as state assistance in relation to cultural monuments which are at risk.

It carries out restoration work in the field of murals, paintings and board paintings, stone architecture and decorative elements, altars and polychrome sculptures and wooden art items. It makes copies, casts and facsimiles of cultural monuments and museum and gallery collection items. It systematically monitors, analyses and assesses restoration work. It is also active in the field of publications and exhibitions. It organises professional practice for secondary and tertiary school students specialising in the field of restoration.