Regarding “Alien Registration”

Regarding “Alien Registration”Regarding “Alien Registration”

All foreigners that will reside in Japan for a period longer than 90 days have the obligation to arrange their “Alien Registration”. They should arrange this registration themselves. People under 16 years old should have the registration arranged by the father or mother of their household, or else by another person of their household who is older than 16.

City Hall                                        - Citizens Division                         Tel.: 0883-52-8001  
Wakimachi Government Office      - General Reception Division      Tel.: 0883-52-5600
Mima Government Office              - General Reception Division       Tel.: 0883-63-3111
Koyadaira General Branch Office  - Planning & General Affairs Division
                                       Tel.: 0883-68-2112


Instances of NotificationNotification PeriodNecessary Documents
Entering JapanWithin 90 days of date of entry・Passport
・Passport Photo x 2 pcs.*
(4,5 cm H x 3,5 cm W)
*taken within the last 6 months
*not needed for people under 16
A child is bornWithin 60 days of date of birth
(if the child is a foreigner)
・Birth Certificate
A person deceasesWithin 14 days of date of decease・Alien Registration Card
(please report decease within 7 days)
Change of addressWithin 14 days of date of change・Alien Registration Card
Change of nationality, job, work place,residence period or statusWithin 14 days of date of change・Alien Registration Card
・Document that proves change
(i.e. Passport etc)
Change of other registered detailsFirst possible opportunity when another of the above notifications is made
(i.e. change of residence period etc.)
・Alien Registration Card
・Document that proves change

※The Alien Registration Card is an important document describing the foreigner’s status and residence details. Please make sure to report all changes at all times! Apart from above notifications/applications regarding Alien Registration, there are also other applications, such as for re-issuing (in the case of damage or loss) or renewal (in the case of approaching expiry date) of the Alien Registration card.
※When you report a birth, marriage or death, please also make sure to report this at your local family register.
※When someone other than a family member of your household requests your “Certification of Information as Recorded on the Alien Registration File”, this person will need your handwritten Letter of Attorney.
※All of the above applications and notifications can be made at any city hall branch office too. Nevertheless, please kindly understand that at a branch office, issuing an Alien Registration Card or providing a “Certification of Information as Recorded on the Alien Registration File” may take some time.


Points of attention regarding photos
(Please use photos conforming
to the standard format below.)

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