3rd Koyadaira “Workshop on Countermeasures Against Isolation” (map exercise)

3rd Koyadaira “Workshop on Countermeasures Against Isolation” (map exercise)3rd Koyadaira “Workshop on Countermeasures Against Isolation” (map exercise)
   Let`s work on countermeasures against becoming isolated, based on practicing with a map! 
In succession to the first two workshops, Mr. Kiyomine Terumoto from the Future Disaster Prevention Center was once again invited to come and speak as a guest lecturer at this 3rd Koyadaira “Workshop on Countermeasures Against Isolation”. After this, local citizens together with Mr. Terumoto carried out an extensive map exercise during which all hazardous locations, places of refuge and escape routes were determined in case an earthquake would occur in the Nankai area (= south Japan area).
The lecturer explainingSlide


   Exercise 1 : Map exercise 
First we drew the physical characteristics of the area on a map. Secondly, we imagined the occurrence of a big earthquake, and drew in the places of refuge, the routes via which information should travel, the routes via which injured people should be transported etc.
Partipants drawing information on the mapPartipants drawing information on the map


When we looked at our town area on a map, various other problems were spotted too.
Partipants drawing information on the mapParticipants talking about isolationMap that was finally composed


   Exercise 2 : Working out countermeasures against isolation 
In the style of a workshop, we discussed various countermeasures and ways of examining the problems that were spotted during the previous map exercise.
View of the workshopView of the workshop


Many different opinions were voiced during this exercise, from “It is important to ensure means of communication other than landlines” or “We must keep an emergency stock of supplies at all times” to “Let`s ensure means of transportation other than cars” and “Let`s confirm which roads can be travelled on on foot”. Also the suggestion was made to use the fire bell for emergency communication.
WorkshopView of the workshopView of the final presentation


* The fire bell is used for calling together the members of the local fire brigade, or informing people from the neighborhood of any emergency. The way of striking the bell is set differently per region, and conveys information like the general location of a fire, or which type of calamity is taking place.
Fire bell


   4th “Workshop on Countermeasures Against Isolation” 
Next a practical training is planned to take place in November.