If you are bitten by a poisonous snake

If you are bitten by a poisonous snakeIf you are bitten by a poisonous snake

During the hot season, there is a greater chance that you get bitten by a poisonous snake like Mamushi. If you are bitten by a poisonous snake, DO NOT PANIC but take the following steps:


  • First of all, try to stay still. When you move your body, the poison will circulate through your body more quickly.
  • Then lightly tie off the bitten bodypart (at a spot between the wound and the heart) with a piece of rope or cloth.
  • Sucking out the poison is very effective, but should not be done by a person with a wound in his/her mouth.
  • Please head towards the hospital or clinic in a calm manner (moving as little as possible).

The following are medical facilities that have antidote for Mamushi (Japanese pit viper) bites on stock:


N a m e



Seibu Sōgō Kenminkyoku
Mima-shi Hokensho
Mimashi Anabuki-chō Anabuki
Aza-Myōren 23 Banchi
Kōzai YakyokuMima-shi Wakimachi Aza-Haibara1413 Banchi 752-1593
Hōetsu ByōinMima-shi Wakimachi Ōaza-Inoshiri Aza-
Yawata-jinja Shitaminami 130 Banchi 3
Mima-shi Kokumin Kenkō-
hoken Koyadaira Shinsatsusho
Mima-shi Koyadaira Aza-Kawai 295 Banchi68-2541
Tsurugi Chōritsu
Handa Byōin
Mima-gun Tsurugi-chō Handa Aza-
Nakayabu 234 Banchi 1
Tsurugi-chō Kokumin Kenkō-
hoken Yachiyo Shinsatsusho
Mima-gun Tsurugi-chō Handa Aza-
Higaino 198 Banchi 1
Tamura IinMima-gun Tsurugi-chō Ichiu Aza
Akamatsu 1322 Banchi 9

Every year from May 1st to October 31st, these facilities have Mamushi antidote on stock. If by any chance you get bitten, contact one of them quickly !