Anabuki River

Anabuki RiverAnabuki River
anabuki river
Flowing from South to North throught the town of Anabuki is the Anabuki River.  Its source is a collection of many streams from around the Mt. Tsurugi area, and is popular for its cleanliness.  As of last year, the Anabuki River has held its position as the cleanest river in Shikoku for 11 years.  There is a thriving population of the Japanese fishes Ayu, Amego, and Iwana.  The upstream town of Koyadaira hosts the Amego Fishing Competition every year in April.  The lower areas of the river are famous  as an outdoor spot, complete with several accommodation options.  In the summertime, it is a popular location for families and groups to enjoy camping, fishing, or just playing in the water.