Turiec Gallery, Martin

Turčianska galéria v Martine
Contact: Dr Jarmila Kováčová (f) Director
Daxnerova 2, 036 80 Martin, Slovakia
421 (0) 43 422 4448
421 (0) 43 422 4448
10am-5pm Tue-Sat, 1pm-5pm Sun, closed Mon

Turiec Gallery is a museum-like regional institution. Currently it offers a permanent exhibition of 20th-century modern Slovak art from the Turiec area, plus two or three temporary exhibitions each year. The mission of the Gallery is to build, present, and protect its collection and to undertake research, cultural and educational and exhibition activities.

On the occasion of jubilees of artists linked to the city of Martin or the Turiec Region, the Gallery organises presentation exhibition activities and presents the work of the Turiec artists of different generations in chamber solo exhibitions, extensive retrospectives, or collective presentations of the salon type. Apart from the exhibitions devoted to regional authors, the Gallery also presents the work of well-established Slovak and Czech painters and sculptors. It prepares periodical exhibition projects, such as the Biennale of Imagination, (from 1969), the Biennial of Book Art (1993-2001, currently undergoing organisational and content alteration in preparation for relaunch) and the most recently the project Statue in the City (from 2003, also biennial in nature).