Dezider Milly Gallery, Svidník

Galéria Dezidera Millyho
Contact: Dr Miroslav Sopoliga (f) Administrator
Partizánska ul., 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia
421 (0) 54 752 1684
421 (0) 54 788 2102
8.30am-4pm Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat-Sun, closed Mon

Opened in 1983 in an 18th-century Baroque mansion, the Dezider Milly Gallery is a branch of the Museum of Ukranian-Ruthenian Culture in Svidník which exhibits the fine arts of the Ukranian-Ruthenian community in Slovakia from the 16th century up to the present day, with a special focus on the work of national artist Dezider Milly (1906-1971).

The gallery presents the development of iconographical art from the 16th-18th centuries and contains one of the oldest and most valuable collections of Ukrainian-Ruthenian icons in Svidník.

The gallery also paintings by representatives of older- and younger-generation of Ukrainian-Ruthenian artists, including I Kulec, P Hromnyckyj, E Bissová, O Dubay, Š Hapák, M Rogovský, I Šafranko, J Kresila, A Gaj, M Ćabala, M Feďkovič, P Michalič and P Kolisnyk.

Adalbert Erdélyi and Jozef Bokšaj were the founders of the contemporary Ukrainian school of painting. Many painters in Slovak Republic, who gained the basic knowledge and orientation for their subsequent creations from Erdélyi and Bokšaj, have connections with the school.

A central place is accorded in the gallery to the works of national artist Dezider Milly, a member of the 1909 Generation and one of the founders of modern fine art in Slovakia.