Nitra Gallery

Nitrianska galéria
Contact: Renáta Niczová (f) Director
Župné námestie 3, 949 01 Nitra, Slovakia
421 (0) 37 657 9641-3
421 (0) 37 657 9642
10am-5pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon

Nitra Gallery in Nitra was founded in 1965. It is based in the former zhupa house which is a cultural monument and is part of the urban monument reserve. This Baroque building was constructed in 1784 on earlier foundations and rebuilt in 1874 in neo-Baroque style according to the design of architect Dümmler. In 1905-1908 architect Czigler rebuilt the building as a four-winged palace in art nouveau style both interior and exterior. The zhupa house is a significant part of the relics reservation and is located at the entrance to the Nitra Upper Town.

The programmes of the Nitra Gallery aim to develop visual art history research and present current Slovak visual art in three exposition rooms where each of them represents a particular thematic field. It organises a wide range of cultural events and activities for public aimed at bringing contemporary arts closer to the people.

The representative rooms on the first floor host significant Slovak or international projects under the curatorship of gallery staff.

The salon rooms on the ground floor provide accommodation for artists from all regions of Slovakia and for the organisation of talks by these artists to complement their exhibitions.

The BUNKER space for alternative art (Bunker priestor pre mladé alternatívne umenie) provides a multifunctional space for young alternative art in a very distinctive and unconventional environment, a former underground civil defense shelter of the gallery. One of the main goals of the BUNKER is to establish an international experimental artplatform focused especially on the region of Central Europe. This platform will present the results of creative dialogues between artists from different spheres, such as visual arts, theatre or music. The activities of the BUNKER include exhibitions, site-specific installations, performances, concerts etc. The key programme is the Gallery of Young Curators, a project which supports beginning curators and gives them an opportunity to realise their exhibition projects. BUNKER is open to all projects, ideas and initiatives in the field of contemporary art.