International Music Council (CIM/IMC)

Medzinárodná hudobná rada (CIM/IMC)
Contact: Richard Letts PhD. President
UNESCO House, 1 rue Miollis, F-75732 Paris Cedex 15, France
33 1 4568 2550
33 1 4568 4866

Established in 1949 by UNESCO, the International Music Council (CIM/IMC) is an international network dedicated to the development and promotion of diverse music. It aims to preserve the cultural heritage and improve the quality of life by fostering the international dissemination of music and information about music; by supporting contemporary composers; by helping young professional musicians at the commencement of their careers; and by widening the appreciation of music by the general public, particularly the young.

IMC seeks to provide exceptional value to its membership by building knowledge, creating networking opportunities, supporting and enhancing the visibility of initiatives that help sustain people's participation in music and cultural life. Thus, it monitors the availability of access to music for all supports endeavours which assure and secure this right informs widely about music and the right to it exercises advocacy when and where needed.

The core business objective of IMC is to advocate for appropriate policies and practices aimed at strengthening the work of its membership. IMC considers the experience of music and music-making a vital part of the everyday life of all people. It is a basic right for all people to express themselves and communicate through music. It is IMC's objective to contribute to securing the following basic rights: the right for all children and adults to express themselves musically in all freedom; the right for all children and adults to learn musical languages and skills; the right for all children and adults to have access to musical involvement through participation, listening, creation, and information; the right for musical artists to develop their artistry and communicate through all media, with proper facilities; and the right for musical artists to obtain just recognition and remuneration for their services.

IMC acts on the one hand through national committees in 65 countries and 23 associated international member organisations and networks concerned with music, and on the other by working in collaboration with existing institutions.

IMC organises a general assembly every two years around the 1 October International Music Day. It also organises various music programmes, awards a UNESCO-CIM Music Prize to eminent personalities in the field of composition, education and musicology and commissions research and publication projects.