Vihorlat Observatory, Humenné

Vihorlatská hvezdáreň v Humennom
Contact: Igor Kudzej Director
Mierová 4, 066 01 Humenné, Slovakia
421 (0) 57 775 2179, 421 (0) 57 775 4753
421 (0) 57 775 2179
By prior arrangement only

The Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné is a regional scientific research, cultural, educational and training institution which specialises in astronomy and related sciences. Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné was founded in 1952 and for over 50 years of its operation has become an important centre of astronomy education, promotion and observation. The building of the observatory is located in the city centre and is easily accessible to visitors. It offers the possibility of lectures in the hall for 50 people. The activities of the observatory are located in the extended technical office at the astronomical observatory in Kolonicke valley, the main building and an observation pavilion built in 1999. The centre is located in a mountain valley in a beautiful setting between Vihorlat and Bukovský mountains, 38 kilometres from Humenné. The dominant feature of the observatory is the Vihorlat National Telescope. The observatory is a complex for training activities in the field of observation of variable stars, meteors , the moon and the solar photosphere.

The basic mission of the observatory is to observe, collect, scientifically and professionally enhance and process the latest knowledge of astronomy and related sciences to the public.

Within this mission the observatory (i) obtains, collects, archives, processes and transmits data for further processing; (ii) presents the results obtained at seminars at home and abroad; (iii) participates in the work of other scientific research institutions; (iv) through publishing and promotional activities publishes the results of its work; (v) organises cultural and social events and participates in the activities of other entities; (vi) establishes direct relations those who work in the field of astronomy and related sciences at home and abroad; (vii) is involved in the development of tourism in the territory of the region of Prešov; and (viii) organises lectures, film programmes, special events, competitions, videos, seminars and observations of the sun, moon, planets and objects in the star sky.