Kysuce Observatory in Kysucké Nové Mesto

Kysucká hvezdáreň v Kysuckom Novom Meste
Contact: Dr Ján Mäsiar Director
Dolinský potok 1278, 024 01 Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia
421 (0) 41 421 2946
421 (0) 41 421 2946
8am-3.30pm Mon-Fri, evening observations for public - every Friday approx. half an hour after dawn (lasts 2,5 hours, depending on season and weather conditions). Larger groups may have special observation schedule.

Main activities of the observatory are formation of scientific knowledge, development of positive relationship with nature, increase of general, professional and cultural awareness of citizens, especially of children and youth. The observatory intermediates to its visitors the newest discoveries and knowledge in field of astronomy, familiarizes them with its task in context of scientific and humanitarian progress and with its role emerging from its position of a frontier science, which is to combine philosophy and science into one. It allows visitors to directly participate in observation of space objects and phenomena, amateur astronomers can even play a role in development of scientific knowledge. Its professional observation activity contributes to gain knowledge about universe for its better understanding.

Cultural, popularizational and educational activities of the observatory spread beyond borders of the region, and its scientific observation activity is linked to specialistic international programs and institutions.

Main activities (for the public):

- events for all types of schools (lectures, multimedia programs, films, educational seminars for teachers, field trips to visit other astronomical establishments)

- observation of the starry sky (every Friday), observing unusual phenomena and objects

- competitions with regional and interregional scope ("Astrostop", "Universe by Eyes of Children", "What Do You Know About Stars?", "Mysterious Universe" ...)

- events for talented children and youth (after-school interest group activities, summer camps, tournament, observation expeditions and practice); various observation and training practices are being organized for high school students who are advanced in field of astronomy

- exhibitions ("Universe by Eyes of Children", The Magic of Universe", "Pearls of the Black Sun", "Astronautics in the Service of Astronomy"...) and special events (seminars, practices, "MDD" (International Day of Children) celebration ...).

The observatory also provides consultancy and carries out publication activity in the field of astronomy and related sciences. It focuses on astronomy and naturalistic interest groups, and on amateur astronomers, "SOČ" (High School Professional Activity) participants as well as on authors of theses; cooperates with departments of education and culture in the region.