Michalovce Observatory

Hvezdáreň v Michalovciach
Contact: Gabriela Kramáreková (f) Director
Contact: Dr Zdeněk Komárek Astronomer
Hrádok 1, 071 01 Michalovce, Slovakia
421 (0) 56 644 3259
7.30am-3.30pm Mon-Fri, closed Sat-Sun

Michalovce Observatory is a specialised institution which actively contributes to the development of science and scientific knowledge so that it fulfils its tasks in popular-educational, educational, professional-research, observation and advisory activities in the field of astronomy and related sciences.

The observatory is situated in Mousson’s House on Hrádok street which was rebuilt as a purpose-built facility in 1980s.

There are two domes on the building. One is a five-metre-high dome, where a Coudé 150mm/2250mm refractor from the Carl Zeiss Jena Company and a 130mm/1500mm refractor are situated. In the three-meter-high dome is a 200mm/1760mm Cassegrain reflecting telescope. For the observation outside the observatory several smaller portable telescopes are used, eg a reflector of the Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron NexStar 5SE 125/1250mm type with an automatic guidance system, a 100mm/1000mm refractor and a 10 x 80 binocular. A conference room for 70 people and a smaller clubhouse for about 30 people are also located in the observatory building.

As a part of its activities the observatory offers:

- large-screen video projection from the field of astronomy, astronautics, ecology and natural sciences;

- night sky watching every Wednesday and Friday after dark (by clear cloudless weather) and sun photo-sphere watching on a clear day;

- watching the evening sky even directly in one's home by portable telescope;

- lectures to complement the school curriculum;

- lectures to the public;

- discussions;

- exhibitions;

- meetings with interesting people;

- seminars for teachers;

- camps and expeditions;

- interest groups activity and competitions.