Starting a business

Starting a business

What is the Entrepreneurship element about?

Entrepreneurship is widely recognised as being fundamental to long-term economic growth. The requirement to develop an entrepreneurial culture in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland has been acknowledged recently in their respective development plans.

What is being delivered?

The Ireland North West - Making Business Happen project aims to stimulate entrepreneurship on a cross border regional basis. This will be achieved through the promotion of an entrepreneurial PR campaign and a series of events designed to inform, inspire, promote and foster entrepreneurship within the region and enable potential entrepreneurs to pursue their ambitions.

What is the aim and what is different about this programme?

The aim of this programme is to promote and foster entrepreneurship and new business starts in the region. While a number of activities are currently delivered by agencies and organisations within the region these are primarily targeted towards either Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. This element of the project will utilise the combined strength of the region to implement a range of integrated activities that will support entrepreneurship within the Ireland North West region.

How will you as an Entrepreneur benefit from this programme?

A number of events, seminars and activities will be organised to explore entrepreneurship best practice and to stimulate the development of small businesses. These include;

  • Establishment of an Integrated Regional Information Service - a web based service to support the regions businesses, support agencies and individuals interested in establishing a business in the region by providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on business start, business development and partnership opportunities.
  • A range of outreach activities involving schools, colleges and universities to encourage entrepreneurship from a young age.
  • A regional Enterprise and Entrepreneurship conference.
  • A regional Meet the Buyer event.
  • E-Marketing and Selling Through eBay seminars.
  • An Enterprise week.


To get updates on what is happening and to get invited / informed of our events please register your details

Or contact one of the relevant executives below;

Barry Rooney
Enterprise Development Officer
(Letterkenny) + 353 (0)74 91 60735

Peter Hollingsworth
Enterprise Development Officer
(Derry) + 44 (0)28 71 352693