Ireland North West

About us

What are the Objectives?

Ireland North West - Making Business Happen has the following clear objectives:

  • To develop a cross-border partnership commitment to regional economic development.
  • To generate new and additional investment leads in knowledge based areas for the North West.
  • To implement a series of initiatives on a regional basis designed to strengthen the SME sector and to enhance national and international competitiveness.
  • To develop the capacity of executives involved in local Economic Development delivery throughout the region.
  • To develop amongst managers and key strategic influencers the capacity, trust, insight and willingness to co-operate throughout the region on both sides of the border.

What are the key elements?

To achieve the overall objectives there are currently 4 distinct elements of activity:

  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship and new business starts.
  • Business Growth aimed at increasing the number of growth and export oriented businesses.
  • Targeting the North West Diaspora, nationally and internationally to generate new investment leads and stimulate economic development in the region.
  • Developing the capacity and capability of economic stakeholders to work collaboratively on a cross-border basis.

Each element will operate on a cross-border basis and will incorporate a range of activities throughout the duration of the project.


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Or contact one of the relevant executives below;

Barry Rooney
Enterprise Development Officer
(Letterkenny) + 353 (0)74 91 60735

Peter Hollingsworth
Enterprise Development Officer
(Derry) + 44 (0)28 71 352693

Aeidin McCarter
Development Officer - Diaspora Element
(Lifford) + 353 (0)74 91 72497

Matt Peachey
Investment Officer
(Derry) + 44 (0)28 71 376506