Growing A Business

Growing A Business

What is the Business Growth programme about?

Small businesses are often described as the lifeblood of the economy and the importance of this sector to a regional economy cannot be overemphasised.

The Business Growth element of Ireland North West -Making Business Happen will work with existing small businesses in the Derry / Donegal region that are 'growth-oriented' who would like to prepare for eventual development into export markets.

What is being delivered?

40 businesses from within the region will participate in this programme; 20 from Northern Ireland and 20 from the Republic of Ireland. Each business will be given one-to-one specialised mentoring, based on their specific needs with a view to helping them grow and prepare for export. They will also attend a series of business seminars which will provide valuable information, as well as an opportunity to network. Finally a best practice, export market visit (for example, to a trade show in Europe) will be organised through which the small business can explore growth opportunities first hand.

The key programme components include;

Stage 1 - Registration
Participants throughout the region will sign up to the programme.

Stage 2 - Assessment
An initial business assessment will be carried out in order to identify needs and guide participation.

Stage 3 - Mentoring
A period of dedicated one-to-one mentoring will be carried out with participants on key areas of need.

Information seminars will be organised on a regional basis to enhance knowledge and facilitate cross border networking and knowledge sharing.

Stage 4 - Best practice / export market visit
Participants will undertake a best practice / export market visit to a potential external market. This will probably occur on a group basis along with the project organisers.

Stage 5 Closure assessment
A final assessment will be administered with each business to determine progress during the lifespan of the programme and to decide 'where to from here?'.

Why participate?

The key benefits to companies of participating on the programme include;

  • The individual needs of each business will be clearly determined from early in the programme.
  • There is an opportunity to avail of specialist mentoring in areas of need.
  • The programme is sector specific and mentors and seminar facilitators will have expertise within the required sector.
  • The best practice / export market visit will be of great practical benefit to the company.
  • There will be opportunities for partnership / networking with the other businesses on the programme, to meet firms involved in a similar sector and to share ideas, information and resources.


To get updates on what is happening and to get invited / informed of our events please register your details

Or contact one of the relevant executives below;

Barry Rooney
Enterprise Development Officer
(Letterkenny) + 353 (0)74 91 60735

Peter Hollingsworth
Enterprise Development Officer
(Derry) + 44 (0)28 71 352693