Coming Home - Diaspora

Coming Home - Diaspora

Are you originally from or connected to the North West and interested in coming back?

You are therefore our Diaspora!

The Diaspora project currently being undertaken by Donegal County Council and Derry City Council is aimed at people who are living and working in other parts of the country or the world who want to return at some point.

The project aims to encourage individuals to come back to work, set up a business or be influential in an investment decision into the region.

If you are interested in coming home, setting up a business or would like to know about other ways which you can support development in the North West region - from wherever you are - then we want to hear from you.

Over the course of this project we will be running a number of events both nationally and internationally aimed at keeping our Diaspora informed about what is going on and encouraging them to get involved in what's happening at home.

The North West has a real opportunity to develop a sustainable and competitive economy for the future and we want to make sure that everyone who cares about the region has a part to play in that.


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