Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic

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Ministerstvo zahraničných vecí Slovenskej republiky
Contact: Mikuláš Dzurinda Minister
Contact: Dr Milan Ježovica State Secretary


MZV SR, Hlboká 2, 833 36 Bratislava, Slovakia
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MZV SR - logoThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic forms a part of the executive power in the Slovak Republic. It is responsible for the development of relations with other states and co-operation with multi-national and international organisations, in particular in the area of foreign and security policy, bilateral relations, economic co-operation, culture, science, technology, and education.

The Ministry co-ordinates activities of state authorities oriented on the Slovak Republic's integration into the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance. It is responsible for conducting foreign policy and for fulfilment of the Government's Policy Statement in the field of foreign policy, the priorities of which include Slovakia's integration into the OECD, NATO and the EU, development of relations with neighbouring countries and regional co-operation.

The Ministry's tasks also include the monitoring and creation of international treaties and the monitoring of the observance of human rights, including rights of persons belonging to national minorities. In recent years, the Ministry has also operated in areas such as conflict prevention and peacekeeping in crisis regions.

Not least, the Ministry looks after the observance of the rights of Slovak citizens abroad and presents and spreads information about Slovakia abroad.

The Ministry’s duties in the area of culture includes the presentation of Slovak culture and art abroad, the maintenance of cultural contacts through embassies, consulates general and Slovak institutes abroad, the preparation, approval and implementation of cultural agreements and co-operation programmes in terms of foreign policy interests and the priorities of the SR, the preparation and acceptance of cultural grants from abroad, the provision of professional assistance to compatriot societies and groups abroad, the co-ordination of the preparation and conclusion of cross-border co-operation agreements and management of the diplomatic corps of the SR (consulates general, permanent diplomatic missions working with international organisations). The Ministry is also responsible for the management of Slovak institutes operating abroad, the purpose of which is to present Slovak culture in co-operation with foreign institutes, provide information on cultural life, cultural institutions and organisations, higher education and science institutions in Slovakia and to present the regions of Slovakia. Slovak institutes are established in Prague, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Warsaw, Budapest and Vienna.