Structure, services and location

The Documentation Centre is a structure of the Cultural Organization of the City of Athens. During the phase of its preparation it is established at Solonos Street in the Centre of Athens, where a team is collecting and sorting the material received by the cities and organizations at the request of the Mayor of Athens to his homologues.

The information received in hard copies is scanned and uploaded onto this website that has been constructed by the informatics department of the City of Athens. The content of the website is decided in permanent collaboration with the cities and organizations themselves and with the European Commission.

The Centre will be established in a venue, where the target groups, artists, intellectuals, cultural entities and managers, politicians, social partners, societies, media, educational bodies and of course the citizens will be able ,under the guidance of the staff, to navigate in the site, to consult the stock of editions and other printed material and to have access to the audiovisual material from the cultural events of all European Capitals of Culture. The main hall of the venue will have permanent exhibits sent from the different cities and the banners from the exhibition of the Network of European Cultural Capitals (ECCM) in Patras 2006, donated to the Centre by its curator, Spyros Mercouris.

It is preparing a touring exhibition, on the basis of the thematic concept of Joerg-Ingo Weber (Berlin 1988), containing panels on the main fields of the cultural years, like performing arts, exhibitions, open-air events, infrastructures, social projects etc. focusing on the best examples in each field, as well as screens showing films from the more than 50  European Capitals of Culture, since Athens started the rotation in 1985. The exhibition will be easily transportable and installable and will be lent by the Centre on request of any city or organization.

The Centre is steered by an international advisory committee appointed every two years by the Mayor of Athens.

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