The Documentation Centre on European Capitals of Culture

The Documentation Centre on European Capitals of Culture was founded in Athens in October 2007 on the initiative of the former Mayor of Athens, Mr. Nikitas Kaklamanis, following proposal of his Cultural Advisor, Mr. Rodolfo Maslias, official of the European Parliament and former Secretary General of the Network of Capitals of Culture (ECCM).

The Centre seats at the Cultural Organization of the City of Athens and directly depends on it. The offices are located at 50, Akadimias Str. and at 68, Solonos Str. in the heart of Athens.

The Mission of the Centre is the enforcement of the idea of the European Capitals of Culture both inside and outside Europe by promoting it to the wider public, the media and experts.

Detailed tasks:

- The documentation, classification, preservation and spreading of the know-how related to the nomination and organization of a European Capital of Culture

- The strengthening of co-operation and exchange of best practices among cities having hosted in the past or being interested in hosting in the future the Institution

- The consultancy services towards cities interested in submitting their candidature as well as towards cultural centers, networks and institutions, scientists, students and enterprises taking action within the cultural field


- The creation of an archive supporting and promoting all academic research related

The Centre makes the collected material available to individuals and organizations/institutions with interest in this matter – either in situ (Athens) or through (e-)mailing.

The Centre also aims in setting up a joint documentation on the “European Capitals of Culture” in the form of an exhibition which is intended to open to the public in 2010 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the initiative, starting with Athens as the first European Capital of Culture in 1985. This exhibition will have a thematic (not comparative) structure and will be based on the concept elaborated in 2006 by Mr. Joerg-Ingo Weber on behalf of the ECCM-Network.