These interesting creatures also called white ants are actually confirmed enemies of the ants. There are about 2,500 Isoptera species which generally inhabit the tropics. Termites are social animals; they live in groups of hundreds, hundred thousands and even millions specimen. They build their homes where they create and maintain a microclimate. These buildings are so large that the abandoned ones are used as a place to hide by many other animas such as buffaloes or… elephants. There are four casts of termites in the colony: a Queen, a King, workers and warriors. The latter can destroy almost everything including a house. They eat even limber and  plastic. 

Some species possess also “chemical weapons” except for the mighty jaws. When the termite is attacked its abdominal muscles contract and a poisonous liquid pours over the enemy which is usually an insect. The secretion contains benzochinon and triens and quickly reacts with the air and gets thick. The limbs of the victim clot so it is paralysed.

 Sometimes, when the whole colony is in danger all the termites release the liquid at the same time, even those which weren’t threatened directly. This is due to their communication system based on pheromones, bioactive substances with a strong smell. Their collective defense is incredible.